Terms and Conditions

Condition and Location of Fuel Storage Tanks

I certify that my fuel storage tank and all connected piping are in good operating condition, free from leaks, and installed according to local building code. I understand that you are prohibited from making deliveries in cases where my equipment is not in proper operating order, such as inoperable vent alarm (whistle), PVC piping, or other unsafe or environmentally risky circumstance. I also understand that if a delivery is attempted at my property but my fuel storage system is found to be in an unsafe condition, I may incur a minimum delivery fee.

Payment Methods and Procedures

When ordering fuel, your account is charged (settled) at the time you place your order. Depending upon your order quantity, the amount charged and any credits are determined as follows:

  1. If ordering a “fill”, your account is charged for the gallon capacity of your tank X the price per gallon.
  2. If ordering a specific number of gallons, your account is charged for the number of gallons ordered X the price per gallon.

A delivery minimum of 100 gallons is required.  If the delivery is less than 100 gallons, a minimum delivery fee of $20 will apply to the order.  To avoid this fee, ensure your tank can hold at least 100 gallons.

When your actual delivery quantity is posted, your account is automatically credited for any overpayment. You are only charged for the amount of fuel you actually receive. You will receive a delivery ticket from the driver which shows the number of gallons delivered. In addition, once your delivery is posted (usually the next day) you will receive an e-mail delivery notification which contains all details of your order, including your actual cost for the fuel delivered. 

Once your delivery has been accepted by the delivering branch, an expected delivery date will be provide via email.  For more information on when to expect delivery or the order process in general, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  Emergency delivery service is not available by use of this site.

Assistance / Customer Service

I understand that customer service is provided only online by means of the Fabian Oil Online Helpdesk.  Customer service is not available by phone.

Cancelling Orders

I understand that once my order is confirmed, and due to the automated nature of our order and delivery system, my order cannot be cancelled.