Frequently Asked Questions



Do you have a question we did not answer in this list?  Reach out to our Helpdesk for further assistance.  You may visit the Helpdesk directly at http://helpdesk.fabianoilonline.com or send an email using the Contact Us page.

You may also check out our Knowledge Base for more self-service solutions.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to various towns throughout Maine.  The easiest way to see if we deliver to your town (and to check the price for that delivery) would be to visit our Check Price page.  You will need to enter your town's zip code to get the current price.  If we do not service your area, a message will display above the price check tool.  You can view an example of this by visiting our Helpdesk Solution on this topic here.

I have lost or forgotten my username or password.  How do I get into my account?

On the login page, you would click the Forgot Username/Password link.  The following screens will walk you through resetting your account.  If you need additional assistance, please contact our Helpdesk.

I have requested a temporary password and have not received it.

You will want to check your spam folder. If you have checked your spam folder and you still do not have your temporary password, please contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.

What is the price of oil?

Oil pricing can change frequently. To check your current delivered price, log into your account and click the Price Quote or Order Fuel link. If you have not yet setup an account, you may use our Price Quote link.

What if the price goes up before my oil is delivered?

Once you place and pay for your order your price for that delivery is locked. You will not be charged a different price. (If a volume discount was offered and you do not take the full amount, the volume discount may be reduced or removed.)

Do you have a minimum delivery amount?

Yes. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons per order. If we are unable to deliver the minimum, a Minimum Order Fee of $20.00 will apply to your order.

What do you mean I control my own delivery schedule?

You purchase your fuel at a time convenient to you. When you are in need of or would like a delivery, you simply log into your account and place an order. You simply order a delivery when you feel the need to.

When can I expect the delivery after I place my order?

We deliver typically within 1-2 days after your order is placed and accepted. During extremely cold winter periods it may take longer due to the number of orders we are receiving so be sure to plan ahead so that you do not run out. Once you place your order, it is processed and an expected delivery date is assigned. If a delivery delay occurs (bad weather for example), we will update your expected delivery date to keep you informed as to when to expect our truck. While we strive for a 1-2 day delivery, some towns are only serviced once a week and may take up to 5 business days to receive the delivery.

Why can’t I cancel my order?

Once you place your order, it has begun the process of starting the delivery.

If extenuating circumstances exists (for example, another company delivered to your tank by mistake and you have no room for what you just ordered), please contact our Helpdesk.

We cannot guarantee an order can be cancelled after it has been placed.

How are you open 24-7?

As an online fuel company, our servers are always on and waiting for you. Order your fuel, check on the status of an existing order, or refer a friend when it’s convenient for you. We are always open.

Live Helpdesk support is available during regular business hours in case you have any questions along the way.

How much does it cost to set up an account?

Good news! It is free to setup an account. You only pay for the cost of your fuel.

When am I charged for an order I place?

The credit card you provided during checkout will be charged as soon as you place your order.

If you accidently order more than will fit in your tank. we will credit the card you used for payemnt the difference.  You only pay for what you receive.  If you order a "fill", your card will be charged for the total capacity of your tank.  After the delivery, you will be credited for any gallons ordered that we couldn't fit into your tank.

How do I pay for my order? What method of payment do you accept?

You will be asked for a credit card as one of the final steps in placing your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as payment for your order.

Are there any ‘hidden’ fees?

We do not have any hidden fees.

We do offer volume discounts, so larger deliveries receive lower pricing. If we are unable to deliver the full amount ordered because there is not enough room in your tank, your price per gallon will be at the price level for the amount you received. For example, if you ordered 500 gallons and received a discounted price but only 150 gallons could be delivered, you would pay the price per gallon for the 150 gallons.  Orders cannot be combined; volume discounts are based off single orders.

We do have a 100 gallon minimum delivery, per order. Deliveries of less than 100 gallons are subject to a $20 minimum delivery fee.

Is my account secure?

Yes. Your account information is secured using a variety of methods. The website itself is a secure site using SSL. This means that the data that you enter in your browser is secured as it travels across the internet to our servers. Your credit card data is also safe as we are PCI compliant.

What if I am completely out of oil or this is an emergency?

Fabian Oil Online does not offer same day or emergency delivery service.

However, we have good news! Fabian Oil’s full service offices do offer this. Contact your local full service office for additional information. Please note that the local office’s pricing may not be the same as the online price.  Not all towns are supported by a full service office.  A full service account would be necessary prior to being able to receive an emergency delivery.

To receive the online price an order must be completed though this site.

I need service on my heating system. Can you help?

Fabian Oil Online does not offer service.

However, we have good news! Fabian Oil’s full service offices do offer this. Contact your local office for additional information.

Do I have to be home when you deliver?

No. Once you’ve finished placing your order, you are all set. The first time you order from us, we ask for information about where you house and fill pipe is. We communicate this to the driver delivering your oil. They will deliver the oil just as you noted your account.

How do I know how much oil actually got delivered?

Each truck is equipped with a pump meter that tracks the amount of gallons delivered and prints a ticket at the time of delivery. The delivery ticket slip shows the gallons delivered. You will receive an email after the delivery posts to your account (this is typically the business day following the delivery) providing the actual gallons delivered and the final total of your order.

Why did you not deliver all the oil I ordered?

Our drivers will stop delivering once your tank indicates it is full. Tanks have whistles on them that let the driver know when it is full. If the whistle stops whistling, the driver needs to stop pumping. This is to prevent spills. Most of the time when we do not deliver the full amount of your order, it is due to your tank being full and the rest wouldn’t fit. Sometimes it indicates your whistle is not working as it should. Service technicians can repair or replace broken tank whistles. We will credit you back for any oil that we couldn’t deliver.

I am tired of watching my tank and placing my own orders. Can you do this for me?

Our Fabian Oil full service offices can! Contact your local office and ask about automatic delivery.

Your Fabian Oil Online account cannot offer automatic delivery service.  You will need to watch your tank and place orders as you feel necessary to keep your tank full.

How can I contact you?

Fabian Oil Online is a 100% online based company. Being totally automated we are able to offer discounted prices to our online customers. We do not have a customer service team available by phone.

Many questions can be answered using your account or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have other questions or are experiencing a difficulty with your account or placing an order, our Helpdesk is available. We have many options to contact our Helpdesk. You may email them (onlinehelp@fabianoil.com) or use the Contact Us page to open a new ticket with your question. You may also visit the Helpdesk portal (http://helpdesk.fabianoilonline.com) to check the status of an previously submitted tickets.

While we do not offer a person on the phone, we do offer help. We want your online order experience to be the best it can be.